Hi, I’m Nenoo

I'm the embodiment of comfort & safety obsessed dog products. I’m the brand voice with a face and character of a bull terrier.

First things first. I have a solution for your dog to go toilet in places that make you both happy. 

I also have the coolest rosey color necklace collar with my awesome figure all over it. 

I have a revolutionary harness system coming up...

How I became to be?

The tale goes like this. So it happened that my staff, these humans, had a similar (real) dog like me, and can you imagine, even with a similar name. What a coincidence!

Anyway, one day they woke up to the fact that they had completely and utterly screwed up their job as the dog’s parents. The dog attacked them!

They were quite simple minded and had no idea why the dog was so upset. For the dog however, it was all very obvious. A. He was sick and hurting. B. The people didn’t really know anything about dogs even though they were fans of reality TV dog shows. Can you imagine...?

Difficult dog is an opportunity to learn.

These shortcomings eventually took a full U-turn.

The lady happened to be an ergonomic-centered designer so it was only obvious that her brain started buzzing to solve her dog’s problems.

The guy is fanatical when it comes to comfort, health and being science-based.

Together they committed to a lifelong journey of better understanding the minds and needs of dogs and creating kinder products and ways to train.

That is the story of Nenoo.

And these are the values that I exist by:

Respect dogs, nature, environment and humans too. Sounds cheesy but it's useful.

Be honest and transparent. Like dogs are.

Not take oneself too seriously but be serious about what’s serious. Play like you mean it!

not tested on animals
cruelty free
plant based vegan
ethically made