Noooooo…!™ natural dog repellent spray
Noooooo…!™ natural dog repellent spray
Noooooo…!™ natural dog repellent spray
Noooooo…!™ natural dog repellent spray
Noooooo…!™ natural dog repellent spray
Noooooo…!™ natural dog repellent spray
Noooooo…!™ natural dog repellent spray

Noooooo…!™ natural dog repellent spray

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Does your pup just love to nibble on your shoes, cushions, and basically everything forbidden?

Do the neighbour pooches pee on your property?

You can stop pulling your hair and screaming Nooooo…!

A completely natural spray to stop the dog from peeing in the house and garden. It is also a natural dog chew repellent.

It contains plants which (most) dogs hate so it will be easier for them to decide to pass the treated area. It smells pleasant to (most) people, mainly eucalyptus.

Useful for:

  • Territorial marking at gates, fences, walls, pots, stands, garden furniture etc.
  • Territorial marking inside the house. Please note, this is a rare behaviour and should not be confused with the pup having a medical issue.
  • Discouraging the dog from chewing forbidden objects such as furniture. **Always show the dog what he IS allowed to chew instead and have such objects available.** Works better with adult dogs than very determined puppies.
  • Destroying when left alone when the stress level is mild to moderate. This behaviour still needs training as well.

NOT useful for:

  • Severe separation anxiety. In panic mode, they don’t care.
  • Wee accidents due to medical issues such as urinary tract problems or leak issues. Chances are they are not even aware of the accidents.
  • Submission or happy pees. Again, they have no control. This needs behaviour modification training so they become more confident and in control of their body.
  • Does not replace potty training. Puppies’ ability to hold builds gradually and when they have to go, they go, no matter what. It may help with not choosing a certain spot though.

How to use?

For marking:

  1. Clean the area thoroughly so there is no urine smell. You can use Stinkynator for this or another detergent which removes the urine smell.
  2. Full effect in 5 days. Days 1-3 spray twice a day.
  3. Days 4-5 spray once a day.
  4. Maintenance: spray twice a week.

For chewing:

Do steps 2-4.

For indoor and outdoor use.

If the area gets washed, start over.

It's powerful stuff so always test first on a hidden part!

What does it contain and what do they do?

Eucalyptus globulus - one of many eucalyptus tree species also known as Blue Gum. It has antimicrobial, antibacterial and antifungal properties - pretty powerful at killing germs and getting rid of odours.

Olea europaea - or the olive tree. Special extract synergizes the other ingredients to enhance them and make them safe and efficient.

Cymbopogon winterianus - a tropical plant known as Java citronella from the lemongrass family. Dogs just hate it.

Thymus vulgaris - a Mediterranean herb commonly known as just thyme. It has antimicrobial, antibacterial and deodorizing properties.

Melaleuca alternifolia - better known as Tea Tree. A versatile superpower for killing bacteria, deodorizing - and it has a particular scent.

Origanum vulgare - a Mediterranean herb commonly known as oregano. It has antibacterial properties.

Piper nigrum - or just black pepper. It has antibacterial properties and most dogs hate the smell.

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